Top Quality Automotive Parts Suppliers in China

HongKong Kingwit Technology Co., Limited is one of the renowned automotive parts suppliers in China. We have the resources required to offer high-class automotive parts. We are based in China; however, we remain available 24/7 to receive online orders from anywhere in the world.
Unlike other auto parts manufacturing companies, we have the competent human resource that knows what customers need. We have the innovative brains that keep us ahead of other automotive parts suppliers.

What Sets us Apart  As Auto Parts Manufacturing Companies


We have rigorous six years of experience. Over the years, we have found unique ways to improve our methods to manufacture top-quality automotive parts. Our workforce has enough work experience as most of our employees have worked in different top auto parts manufacturing companies.


As one of the trusted car video recording systems and automotive parts suppliers, we remain committed to our customers and work. We have pleasure and take pride in what we offer. We always go the extra mile to achieve sustainable outcomes. Moreover, we provide our customers with high-quality solutions as per their requirements.

We Chase Growth

By entrepreneurial style along with a willingness to take risks, we have grown from a small-scale company into a large-scale Chinese automotive parts supplier. Our success is driven through a spirit of innovation, pioneering, and change together with a results-oriented and pragmatic approach that we hold in high regard.

Why Choose Us


Each of our steps circles around the customer and their needs. Before punching the order, we walk through the whole process with our customers. We listen to them as what they actually need. Since we generally cater to business buyers, we ask them their clients’ needs and offer them solutions accordingly.

We are Always On-time

We always believe that quality alone can’t do anything if we can’t deliver the order on time. Therefore, we always strike the balance between quality and time. Also, we pay special attention to each customer that maintains and enhances our overall quality.
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